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Our clay stocks are up! PW20 and Midfire Porcelain are available now. Lowfire and Highfire Porcelains are being made in our factory as we speak! Check out our collection, keep safe and keep potting.


Turnaround time for orders can be several days if the items are something we make on demand. We will apply the best shipping for the size and type of the products ordered. In some instances, larger online orders may be referred to the office to apply the best pricing and freight options.

Decopot is a busy manufacturing and distribution business. We sell online and have no physical shop.
You are welcome to collect pre-paid orders from us if that suits you. Please check your order status prior to booking your pick up.

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Decopot Gift Card

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Glaze Workshops

Paul presents frequent workshops using the range of Abbots Glazes. You will learn techniques to apply glazes for special effects

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Our Relationship with Sibelco

We have been working with Sibelco for a number of years.
Their mines have 100 + years of clay so there is no risk of them running dry in our lifetimes! Working with Sibelco also gives us access to the best technical resources in the world.

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Peter Collis


“After working with a number of white clays in recent years I have now changed the whole studio to Mid-Fire Porcelain made by Primo Clays. It is a completely universal clay. The body throws well from small delicate pieces through to bottles of over a metre. It is versatile and we use it in its finest translucent form through to large paper clay structures.

It is extremely stable and supports a wide range of glazes including the crazed glazes I am currently developing. In fact it has solved a number of my firing problems and I am very happy to recommend it.”

Neil Grant

Otago Polytech

"What was a big surprise to see how well the high-fire Porcelain threw and then fired.  The colour response is beautiful and a couple of my regular glazes which craze normally fit like a glove.  Very translucent though and the real surprise for me is how stable they remained in the firing with NO distortion.  One bowl was sitting on a shelf that broke in the test kiln and was at about 20 degrees of level yet remained round.  My regular stonewares would have sagged and distorted way out of shape. I can’t see any factors that need improving with this fine material!"

Raewyn Atkinson


"It is great that there is a porcelain being produced in New Zealand which has the qualities of whiteness and translucency I require for my work. It stands up to the demands of firing at high temperatures. I have used it for large sculptural works as well as fine thrown tableware and it performs extremely well."