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Clay Stocks

If you would like to backorder any of the clays that are out of stock then please make contact with us directly via sales@decopot.co.nz

Out of Stock

  • PCL (Paper Clay)
  • RTM 5015 Sculptural Stoneware 
  • Stoneware with Speckle WMS2502

In Stock

  • Black Ice Porcelain
  • Bright White Midfire
  • Nigra Black Stoneware  
  • Primo Lowfire Porcelain
  • Primo Midfire Porcelain
  • Primo Highfire Porcelain
  • PRGF4005 High Grog Grey 
  • PRGI4002 Grog Buff Stoneware  
  • PW20
  • Red Stoneware  
  • Red Stoneware With Grog R2505
  • RTM 5015 Sculptural Stoneware 
  • Standard Stoneware V2 BODYSSW2 
  • Stoneware With Speckle WMS2005B
  • Stoneware With Speckle WMS2005GG
  • Terracotta R
  • Toast RW1802
  • White Stoneware with Grog W2505