• Abbots Glazes and Stains

    Abbots Clear and Abbots White are our consistently popular standards firing from cone 3 to cone 6. Both take a range of stains to enable potters to find the exact and personal glaze colour they might need.

    Abbots Midfire Glazes comprise a range of unique and interesting oxidation glazes optimised for Cone 6. Easy and attractive to use alone, these glazes can also be layered to produce predictable yet unique effects.

    Abbots Brushable Glaze. We have selected a subset of our midfire glazes to form the basis of our brushable glaze range. These glazes are supplied ready to use in 1-litre and 400ml jars.

    The Abbots Glaze Stain range is made up mostly of those stains in regular use to produce our glazes and underglazes. They can be added to slips and glazes to produce colour but expect to engage in an extended trialling and development program to get the best performance from them. Please note that stains are not a substitute for underglazes which make use of carefully formulated carrier medium compatible with the requirements of individual stains.

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  • Claybright

    Claybright Liquid Underglazes are the glazes of choice in most New Zealand ‘paint-your-own’ ceramic painting studios and are easily managed by absolute beginners. Boasting an excellent shelf life and precise formulation for consistently reliable results, Claybright Underglazes are a staple for your decorative colour work. They may be used in thin, single layers for pastel shades or multiple coats (2-4) can be applied for strong dense colours.

    Working well on most clay bodies including Primo Clays, Claybright Underglazes adhere strongly to bisque or greenware without dusting or smudging. They are non-toxic and food-safe.

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  • Primo Clays

    Primo-Pro bodies are blended in Europe and Primo Clays are blended from local and imported materials in our Palmerston North plant. 

    To find out more about a particular body of clay please browse our products below. 

    Decopot constantly works to bring improvement to the clay bodies we are using and selling. This is an ongoing process and we acknowledge the input of potters who have given us valuable feedback of their experience with our bodies.
    The range includes smooth white-firing bodies, grogged bodies, casting slips. terracotta, browns and black.Our bodies are used all over NZ and offshore by potters who range in experience from novice to industry masters. 

    Most bodies are packaged in 10kg polythene bags. We do have two clays that come in 12.5 kg bags and one clay in 20kg. Every effort is made to ensure that the bodies are supplied at a consistent hardness with continuous monitoring during production.

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