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PRIMO Production White PW20 10kg Bag

PRIMO Production White PW20 10kg Bag

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PRIMO Production White PW20 “New Formula"

Note material advisory at the bottom of this page:

Purchase 20+ bags of clay to get a 15% discount

This all-time best seller is the throwing body of choice for tableware makers. Great for beginners and professionals it is smooth and plastic.

PW20 has a wide firing range from 1160 - 1260. It fires very white for a general-purpose clay and generally contributes to well-fitting glazes, especially Abbots Clear between 1160C and 1200C. Some faint speckling is sometimes seen.

PW20 has exceptional throwing qualities and is easy to trim. It has low drying shrinkage and accepts attachments well.

PW20 has been found to be a good hand-building clay.

The wet to fired shrinkage (1200C) is approx 16%

Water absorption at 1160C 4%. At 1200C 2%

Some of the best ball clays we have access to are black in their raw state. Even the tiniest particles that pass through our fine screens can be visible in the cut block of clay. These ball clay particles fire white and are not evident in fired pottery.

We have reports of variable performance of PW20 between batches #780 and #798. If you have experienced difficulty, please contact Decopot or your local distributor.

The 45cm jar (third image) is made from PW20. It is finished with Bruce’s own glaze and reduction lustres.


Goods to be shipped within New Zealand via our carrier PBT


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