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RTM5015 Sculptural Stoneware 10Kg Bag

RTM5015 Sculptural Stoneware 10Kg Bag

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RTM 5015 Sculptural Stoneware 10Kg

Excellent medium to high temperature sculpting clay with low shrinkage. This body contains 50% coarse grog with a particle size up to 1.5mm.

Suitable for medium to large works.

Max firing temperature 1280C.

Colour will be grey/biscuit.

Shrinkage at 1100C 6.5%. At 1250 8.5%

Water absorption at 1100C 9%. At 1250C 6%


The plinth (images 6 & 7) has been press moulded using RTM5015. This clay is most suitable for hand building and press moulding larger work - ideally architectural ceramics as it has a fair amount of course grog contributing to overall strength.
The sculpture is made from paper clay.


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RTM 5015 Sculptural Stoneware Yes  Yes Yes 


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