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PRIMO Highfire Porcelain 10kg Bag

PRIMO Highfire Porcelain 10kg Bag

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Firing Temp: 1160-1300 degrees Celsius 

One of our original and most successful porcelains, this smooth, white-firing body is lovely to throw with for small and medium pieces.

Suitable for throwing, modelling and modelling.

Maximum firing temperature 1300C.


Shrinkage approx. 19%

Water absorption at 1260C 0.1%


"What was a big surprise to see how well the high-fire Porcelain threw and then fired.  The colour response is beautiful and a couple of my regular glazes which craze normally fit like a glove.  Very translucent though and the real surprise for me is how stable they remained in the firing with NO distortion.  One bowl was sitting on a shelf that broke in the test kiln and was at about 20 degrees of level yet remained round.  My regular stonewares would have sagged and distorted way out of shape. I can’t see any factors that need improving with this fine material!"

Neil Grant - Otago Polytech 


Some of the best ball clays we have access to are black in their raw state. Even the tiniest particles that pass through our fine screens can be visible in the cut block of clay. These ball clay particles fire white and are not evident in fired pottery.

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Primo HighFire Porcelain Yes  Yes  Yes 



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