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Decopot NZ Limited

Car Eggcup

Car Eggcup

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Pack of 12, Carton of 72

Car Egg Cup 

9cm x 6cm x 5cm 

20.5cm x 21cm x 13.5cm

44cm x 23cm x 30cm 

Using Decopot Bisque

Production of Decopot bisque is split between our Palmerston North factory and our long-standing Chinese contractor.

The bodies are similar porcelains, both with useful firing ranges between 1165C and 1200C. Both can be pushed a little higher though this must be at the judgement of the user. The Chinese bisque is a brighter white than items made here. The bodies are comparable in firing performance to PW20.

In general, smaller pieces are imported and larger pieces made in NZ.

This material is perfectly suited to use with Abbots Mid-Fire glazes and indeed all development and routine glaze testing is done on these bodies.

Decopot bisque is an ideal foundation for decoration with Claybright Underglaze, then covered with Abbots Clear and fired to approx. 1180C.

Decopot mugs. Very rarely, we hear a report of coffee mugs dunting after firing. The recommended solution is to use the specially formulated “Abbots Clear for Decopot Mugs” to minimise this risk.


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