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Abbots Universal Medium 1 Litre

Abbots Universal Medium 1 Litre



This medium is the basis of Abbots brush-on clear glaze.

Any glaze material can be dispersed in this medium (rather than in water) to produce a thixotropic gel suited to brush application. This enables multiple coats of glaze of one or more varieties to be applied without risk of peeling or blistering. The risk of crawling is lessened due the strong bond between glaze and body.

We suggest adding glaze to medium in a ratio of 1-1.3 parts glaze to 1 part medium (by weight). Vary these proportions or add a little water to achieve the density and brush-feel that works for you.

Disperse the glaze in the medium using a stick blender or power mixer. Sieve through an 80# sieve before using.